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Level 1 means that Coronavirus has been identified as a potential health risk within the state of Michigan

  • All VHC Wellness Policy guidelines will be in place (see link)

  • Village Hope Church Ministries and Services will continue under the following conditions:

    • Those who are not ill or exhibiting any symptoms, and come from a home where no one is ill or exhibiting any symptoms are welcome to participate in VHC activities

    • Wash hands regularly with soap and water

    • Use hand sanitizer where available

    • Avoid shaking hands or hugging other attenders

    • Offering baskets/plates will not be passed, but tithes/offerings will be received in a designated location within the Worship Center

    • Observance of the Lord's Supper will be suspended during corporate worship services, but may be observed in Life Group gatherings

  • Cafe Hope may remain open, but will not be "self-serve".  Instead, items offered will be plated or dispensed by Cafe Hope volunteers in order to reduce the number of people coming in direct contact with food & beverages.

  • Life Groups will continue to meet

  • Church offices will remain open with regular office hours

  • GRATIS Community Store will remain open

  • New Creation Counseling/Recovery remains open

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