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First Things First:


It's Not Our Church...

We believe that there is only one Christian church, and it belongs to Christ.  In the book of 1 Corinthians in the Bible, the apostle Paul warns against divisions and fragmenting within the Christian church which we believe applies to denominational divisions as well.  For this reason, Village Hope Church is a    non-denominational local assembly of the original  church established by Christ.  As such, we are simply a gathering of people who have chosen to follow the teachings of Jesus and carry out the mission of His church as He established it in the Bible.


We Believe that H.O.P.E. is a Lifestyle...

Living a lifestyle of HOPE is an ongoing process of following Jesus that involves four essential actions:

Hear God's Voice 

Obey God's Word 

Pray in God's Power

Embrace God's Plan

As we focus on these four key areas in our relationship with God, we will experience God's best for us, and be able to offer our best to others in need so that they can also begin living a life filled with H.O.P.E.  When you spend time at Village Hope Church, you'll discover this process at work in everything we do.


"Church" is not a building or location...

VHC has operated out of some unique structures.  We started in a barn, our Jackson location was once a popular bowling alley, and our Parma location is a beautiful 153 year old building complete with stained glass.  But the building is simply a roof over the people who are the church.  God has placed us in neighborhoods and communities that need to not only hear about God's love, but also experience God's love in action.  Life is full of challenges - some more difficult than others.  Our desire is that God's love in action flows out of Village Hope Church (the people) and into the lives of those in need.  Whether it's someone praying with you, a food basket from the food pantry, or some other act of kindness, we genuinely want to help in whatever way we can.  Please do not hesistate to ask.

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