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Overflowing Hope - The Story Behind the Mural


In the Spring of 2019, we partnered with local artist Evan Struck to begin the process of having a large custom mural painted on the side of our church building in Jackson.  Evan is follower of Christ and a gifted artist who at just 17 was already an accomplished artist, known as "America's Youngest Speed Painter.  One thing he had not yet done was a large scale mural.  But that was" about to change.  

Earlier in 2019 had spent time working in VHC's Hopetown Creative Learning after school program teaching kids how to draw and paint.  It was during that time that we began the conversation with Evan that led to the creation of the "Oveflowing Hope" mural.

The name "Overflowing Hope", which is based on Romans 15:13, comes from the mission of Village Hope Church to bring true and lasting hope into the community. 

Step 1 was to prep and paint the base coat for the mural.  This wall was in rough shape and required a lot of scraping to prep the surface before the blue base coat could be applied.


Step 2 was to project the image that Evan had developed onto the side of the building so the basic concept could be stenciled onto the wall using spray paint to basically paint the outline of the mural.  This is the projected image after the stenciling had taken place.

After the stenciling was done, this is how the wall looked with the projector turned off.  This would serve as Evan's guide as he brought the mural to life over the next few weeks.


Each day more color was added, and slowly but surely, and in between plenty of rain showers, the mural began to take shape.

On August 11, the mural was finished and a signing party was held at the mural with people from the community and Village Hope Church gathering to celebrate this beautiful mural symbolizing the "Overflowing Hope" available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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